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Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 1

Poles and Jews: Renewing the Dialogue
Edited by Antony Polonsky

In this volume of Polin, scholars from the fields of history, sociology, politics, anthropology, linguistics, literature, and folklore explore central themes in Jewish and European history. Launching what was to become a comprehensive and vigorous forum for discussion of all aspects of the Jewish experience in Poland, this first volume established the pattern of bringing together work by established and younger scholars from many countries.

About the editor

Antony Polonsky is Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Chief Historian of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw.


Israel Bartal, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, David Biale, Jan Blonski, Alina Cala, Andrzej Chojnowski, David Engel, Józef Garlinski, Jacob Goldberg, Gershon David Hundert, John D. Klier, Moshe Mishkinsky, Magdalena Opalski, M. J. Rosman, Rafael Scharf, Robert M. Seltzer, Chone Shmeruk, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Paul Wexler, Steven J. Zipperstein

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Pages 434
ISBN 978-1-904113-17-1
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Date of publication July 2004 paperback


Statement from the Editors

The Reconstruction of Pre-Ashkenazic Jewish Settlements in the Slavic Lands in the Light of Linguistic Sources
Paul Wexler
Jewish Perceptions of Insecurity and Powerlessness in 16th–18th Century Poland
M. J. Rosman
Some Basic Characteristics of the Jewish Experience in Poland
Gershon David Hundert
The Changes in the Attitude of Polish Society towards the Jews in the 18th Century
Jacob Goldberg
Eros and Enlightenment: Love against Marriage in the East European Jewish Enlightenment
David Biale
Polish-Jewish Relations and the January Uprising: The Polish Perspective
Magdalena Opalski
Loyalty to the Crown or Polish Patriotism? The Metamorphoses of an Anti-Polish Story of the 1863 Insurrection
Israel Bartal
The Polish Revolt of 1863 and the Birth of Russification: Bad for the Jews?
John D. Klier
A Turning Point in the History of Polish Socialism and its Attitude towards the Jewish Question
Moshe Mishkinsky
The Question of the Assimilation of Jews in the Polish Kingdom, 1864-1987: An Interpretative Essay
Alina Cala
The Sedular Appropriation of Hasidism by an East European Jewish Intellectual: Dubnow, Renan, and the Besht
Robert M. Seltzer
Some Methodological Problems of the Study of Jewish History in Poland between the Two World Wars
Jerzy Tomaszewski
Jews and Poles in Yiddish Literature in Poland between the Two World Wars
Chone Shmeruk
Is there a Jewish School of Polish Literature?
Jan Blonski
The Underground Movement in Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Józef Garlinski

Jerzy Tomaszewski, Pinsk, Staurday, 5 April 1919

On Translating the Bible into Polish: An Interview with Czeslaw Milosz, conducted by Ewa Czarnecka

A Dialogue
In Anger and In Sorrow
Rafael Scharf
Some Thoughts on Polish-Jewish Relations
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski

Bibliographical Essays
The Jewish Community of the Second Republic in Polish Historiography of the 1980s
Andrzej Chojnowski
The Western Allies and the Holocaust
David Engel
Five Wartime Testimonies
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
Ashkenzaic Jewry and the Catastrophe
Steven J. Zipperstein

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