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Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 6

Jews in Lódz, 1820–1939
Edited by Antony Polonsky

This volume is devoted to the part Jews played in the history of Lódz between 1820 and 1939. Specifically, it focuses on the place of the Jews in the industrial elite of this multi-ethnic textile town, and on its role as a centre of the modern movement and of Jewish artistic and literary creativity. It is the result of a collaborative venture with the Historical Institute of the University of Lódz.

About the editors

Antony Polonsky is Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Chief Historian of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw.


Kazimierz Badziak, Natan Gross, Julian K. Janczak, Maria Kaminska, Tamara Karren, Stanislaw Liszewski, Jerzy Malinowski, Leszek Olejnik, Wieslaw Pus, Stefan Pytlas, Yosef Salmon, Pawel Samus, Robert Moses Shapiro, Chone Shmeruk, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Yehiel Yeshaia Trunk, Barbara Wachowksa, Jacek Walicki, Janusz Wróbel

Contributor information

Kazimierz Badziak, Institute of History, University of Lódz
Natan Gross, freelance writer, Tel Aviv
Julian K. Janczak, Professor of History, University of Lódz
Maria Kaminska, Professor, and Director, Department of the History of the Polish Language and Slavic Philology, University of Lódz
Tamara Karren, writer and poet, London
Stanislaw Liszewski, Professor of Economic Geography, and Head, Department of Urban Geography, University of Lódz
Jerzy Malinowski, Institute for Art History, University of Warsaw
Leszek Olejnik, Institute of Political Science, University of Lódz
Wieslaw Pus, Professor of History, University of Lódz
Stefan Pytlas, Institute of History, University of Lódz
Yosef Salmon, Lecturer in Jewish History, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-sheva
Pawel Samus, Professor of History, University of Lódz
Robert Moses Shapiro, Adjunct Professor of History, University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Chone Shmeruk, Professor of Yiddish Literature, and Chairman, Academic Board, Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jews, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerzy Tomaszewski, Professor of History, Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw, and Director, Mordecai Anieliewicz Center for the Study of the History and Culture of Polish Jews
Yehiel Yeshaia Trunk
Barbara Wachowksa, Professor of History, Historical Institute of Lódz
Jacek Walicki, Librarian, Institute of History, University of Lódz
Janusz Wróbel, Institute of History, University of Lódz


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23.5 x 15.5 cm / 6" x 9"

Pages 342 pages, 4 pages plates, map, 18 tables
ISBN 0-631-18167-9 hardback
978-1-904113-15-7 paperback
Price £19.95 / $29.95 paperback
Date of publication 28 April 2005 paperback


Statement from the Editors
Jews in Lódz, 1820-1939
The Development of the City of Lódz, 1820-1939 WIESLAW PUS
The National Structure of the Population in Lódz in the Years 1820-1939 JULIAN K. JANCZAK
The Role of the Jewish Community in the Organization of Urban Space in Lódz STANISLAW LISZEWSKI
The National Composition of Lódz Industrialists before 1914 STEFAN PYTLAS
Great Capitalist Fortunes in the Polish lands before 1939: The Case of the Poznanski Family KAZIMIERZ BADZIAK
The Jewish Community in the Political Life of Lódz in the Years 1865-1914 PAWEL SAMUS
The Emergence of the Yiddish Press in Lódz, 1904-1918 LESZEK OLEJNIK
Sources for the History of the Jewish Community in Lódz in the Years 1918-1939 JACEK WALICKI
Aspects of Jewish Self-Government in Lódz, 1914-1939 ROBERT MOSES SHAPIRO
The Jewish Electorate of Interwar Lódz in the Light of the Local Government Elections, 1919-1938 BARBARA WACHOWSKA
Jews in Lódz in 1913 According to Statistics JERZY TOMASZEWSKI
Between Co-existence and Hostility: A Contribution to the Problem of National Antagonisms in Lódz in the Interwar Period JANUSZ WROBEL
References to Polish-Jewish Co-existence in the Memoirs of Lódz Workers: A Linguistic Analysis MARIA KAMINSKA
The Yung Yiddish (Young Yiddish) Group and Jewish Modern Art in Poland, 1918- 1923 JERZY MALINOWSKI
Yisroel Rabon and his Novel Di Gas (The Street) CHONE SHMERUK
Tuwim as he was TAMARA KARREN
Document Lódz Memories YEHIEL YESHAIA TRUNK
Shmuel Almog's Zionism and History YOSEF SALMON
Requiem for the Jewish People: Polish Literary Judaica in the Years 1987-1989 NATAN GROSS