Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry

Index to Volumes 1-12
Edited by Antony Polonsky

A vital research tool. Includes a comprehensive subject index with extensive cross-referencing on the people, organizations, institutions, places, and themes discussed; a table of contents by volume; a chronological table of contents; an index of books reviewed; a contributor index and notes on contributors; a chronological table of Polish history; and maps.

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This consolidated index to the first twelve volumes of Polin will be a vital tool for scholars and students interested in any area of Polish Jewish studies.

  • Table of contents by volume - each volume at a glance
  • Chronological table of contents - each historical period at a glance
  • Index of persons-more than 4,500 people
  • Index of subjects - almost 6,000 detailed entries
  • Index of books reviewed
  • Index of contributors - listings of scholars and their contributions
  • Notes on contributors
  • A chronological table of Polish history
  • Maps

Over the years, Polin has attracted contributions from many disciplines—among them architecture; economic, social, and political history; literature and film studies; Holocaust studies; rabbinic; sociology; women’s studies; and Yiddish studies—and from a wide variety of viewpoints. Every period of Polish-Jewish history and every area of settlement has been covered, in more or less detail. Some topics have been the subject of ongoing debate in successive volumes, and the coverage of the different towns and geographical areas has likewise often extended through several volumes. However, only since the Littman Library began to publish Polin (starting from volume 8) have any indexes been provided.

This long-awaited volume will greatly facilitate serious research in the field of Polish–Jewish studies.


About the editor

Antony Polonsky is Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies at Brandeis University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Chief Historian of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw.


Tables of contents by volume
Index of Persons
General Index
Index of Books Reviewed
Index of Contributors
Notes on contributors of Articles and Review Essays
List of Obituaries
Polish history: A Chronological Table



'Given the richness and diversity of the first twelve issues of Polin, any research library with a interest in Central and Eastern Europe should acquire a set (all volumes still being in print), together with a copy of this useful index. It is a clear demonstration of the advances in the study of Polish Jewry over the last twenty years.'
John D. Klier, East European Jewish Affairs