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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Alfred Dreyfus, Antisemitism, and the Revolutionary Legacy
Robert S. Wistrich

An in-depth exploration of the meanings that have been attached to the Dreyfus affair. Wistrich raises a series of challenging questions to explore how and why it achieved such international resonance, both in its own day and as a leitmotif in twentieth-century history. In examining the significance of the affair as a paradigm of modern French, European, and Jewish history, he throws a searching new light on the position of Jews in modern democratic society.


Introduction: A Chosen Affair

Part 1
1 The Century of Revolutions
2 Edouard Drumont, prophet of the 'new' Judeophobia
3 Heralds of national – populism: Barrès, Rochefort, Guérin
4 The doctrines of Action Française.
5 Artists and Intellectuals in the shadow of Dreyfus.

Part 2
6 Alfred Dreyfus , Icon and Martyr
7 J'accuse : the timebomb of Emile Zola
8 Anticlerical passions from Clemenceau to Anatole France
9 Charles Péguy and the Soul of France
10 Jewish Dreyfusards – Joseph Reinach , Bernard Lazare, Léon Blum

Part 3
11 Varieties of Antisemitism during the Belle Epoque
12 Dreyfusards versus anti - Dreyfusards
13 Nationalists, Radicals and the Rights of Man
14 The Left Divided: Jaurès, Guesde, Georges Sorel
15 Colonialism, Racism and Pogroms in French Algeria

Part 4
16 The Army, the Church and secular Republicanism
17 The Image of France among the Nations
18 Jewish Responses to the Affair
19 Herzl, Dreyfus and the birth of Political Zionism
20 The Seedbed of modern Totalitarianism? A Critique of Hannah Arendt

Epilogue: Dreyfus and the Consequences